About Us

Jatayu is a new kind of sportswear brand - one that believes sport and stainability go hand in hand. In addition to utilizing fabrics made using recycled materials, we produce small batch orders determined by presales to ensure the least amount of waste produced - all while achieving our goal of funding Olympic hopefulls on their competitive journeys.

Design Philosophy: Form == Function. Appearance and function cannot exist independently of one another. That's why all of our products are designed with functionality in mind. Whether you wear them to training, while traveling, or staying cozy at home, Jatayu gear is sure to satisfy your lifestyle needs. 


 Presale Duration  October 1 - November 1
Begin Manufacturing  November 1
Lead Time  4 weeks
Products Shipped  2 weeks
Expected Delivery  January 2019


Note: All products shown are samples, and will vary slightly from final versions.